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Guitar Awakening: Kid's Edition

Do you want to give your child the gift of music? Would you like to harness some of your child's energy and put it into guitar lessons?

The pride you will feel as the parent of a musical child is great. The accomplishment your child will feel with each new piece they learn will help them take on new challenges. The discipline and persistence they will develop can help them in every situation. The patience that is cultivated in guitar lessons will help them in everything they do. When your child develops these abilities, they will have some of the essential elements of a happy, successful life.

Kale has passed down his love of music and instruments to my son... I have recommended him to many friends and will continue to do so--we are really lucky to have found him!
Wendy K

Some guitar instructors teach children as though they were little adults, presenting them with hand-outs, diagrams, and worksheets. Unfortunately, this method tends to lead directly to frustration because it fails to teach your child in the way that they learn best. Hand-outs are soon lost, diagrams are confusing, and worksheets end up in the trash. This can cause even the most enthusiastic child (and their parents!) to dread their weekly guitar lesson.

When you choose me as your guitar lessons provider, we will work together to teach your child music in the way that children learn best; with movement, games, and stories. We'll keep the lessons fun and full of variety by using multiple instruments to teach rhythm. I'll give you games that your child can play at home and help you understand the best ways to motivate your child to practice. We'll make recordings of your child and create an album of music so that you can keep track of your childs progress (and show off their skills!). With the complete system of child, parent, and teacher all working towards the same goals, your child will have a blast with music.

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I never thought I could play. Kale is really, really great. He's a great musician, he's a great teacher. I've made a lot of progress from the beginning.
Kelly Johnson:

In our guitar lessons, your child will learn to:

  • read rhythms
  • play chords, melodies, and fun songs
  • read music
  • understand the structure of music
  • work steadily on long-term goals
  • appreciate the power of persistant effort
  • discover their natural ability to succeed

In our lessons together, I will help you and your child succeed by giving you:

  • motivational techniques to keep your child practicing
  • an easy introduction to guitar
  • guidelines on what and how your child can practice
  • musical games to play at home

Kale Good, the Guitarist, is classically trained and professional. He has the scholarship and the know-how to teach and explain things clearly and effectively. Kale Good, the person, is very genuine and good-spirited. He is patient and approachable. I've been taking guitar lessons for two months now, and I'm progressing quite notably. I'm learning and having fun too --Kale, the Guitarist and the Person, comes highly recommended.
Rayce Rollins
Kale makes you feel comfortable from the first lesson. He watches you play and then gives immediate feed back on how you can improve. It is all-positive. My playing has improved so much in three months it is incredible.
Matt Aigen

I'm not a fan of spending my money sight-unseen, so I like to offer new students and their parents a free, half-hour trial lesson. That way, you can make an informed decision about my abilities as a teacher, personality, and how well we can work together. Click here or call 215.260.5383 to schedule your free trial lesson.