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Gateway to The Alhambra: Classical Guitar Lessons

Are you intrigued by the Spanish Guitar but don't know where to start learning? Can you play guitar but feel like a fraud? Do you want to do more than play a few chords and solos?

You can get the satisfaction of finding your peak performance level. Learning to play solo guitar arrangements will give you an incredible sense of accomplishment. The discoveries you'll make while learning to coordinate chords and melodies will influence your entire life. The accomplishment you'll feel when learning to play classical guitar is a valuable adventure.

In this course, you will get:

  • an understanding of the muscles in the arms and hands work and how to use them to to make music
  • guidance in the most satisfying and efficient practice techniques
  • guidance in structuring your practice time as effectively as possible
  • knowledge of notes and rhythms
  • greater finger strength and independence
  • The Super Seven Exercises, which will help you progress faster and decrease frustration

He has an outstanding knowledge of the instrument, theory, and the genre, surpassed only by his knack for teaching it. He truly understands the nuances and techniques of great playing. He takes the time to find music and exercises that are enjoyable and challenging - at the appropriate level for each student. On top of all this, Kale is relatable, patient, encouraging, and a blast to work with; I look forward to his lessons each week. He couldn't come with a higher recommendation!
Laura Pozniak
Student Charles Rareshide recorded both parts of a Carulli duet.

You'll get more than all of those valuable skills. I'll help you find the deep satisfaction that comes with playing guitar at your peak performance level. You'll get access to the Member's Area, where you can continue your learning away from the instrument. You'll also get more than a teacher; you'll get a teacher, mentor, trainer, and coach.

Student Kelly Johnson gives a video review.

I never thought I could play... Kale is really, really great. He's a great musician, he's a great teacher... I've made a lot of progress from the beginning.
Kelly Johnson
Kale makes you feel comfortable from the first lesson. He watches you play and then gives immediate feed back on how you can improve. It is all-positive. My playing has improved so much in three months it is incredible.
Matt Aigen

I'm not a fan of spending my money sight-unseen, so I like to offer new students a free, half-hour trial lesson. That way, you can make an informed decision about my abilities as a teacher, my personality, and how we can work together. Click here to schedule your free trial lesson.