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Guitar Awakening: Beginner Guitar Course

Finally decided to dust of the guitar that's been sitting in your closet since college? Or maybe you just picked up guitar for the first time, and find it confusing and overwhelming? Did you learn a few chords and want to continue making music?

Student Brian Donovan gives a video review.

I never thought I could play... Kale is really, really great. He's a great musician, he's a great teacher... I've made a lot of progress from the beginning.”

Some teachers like to teach students straight out of the standard method books. These books teach students how to read notes, play a few folk songs, and strum some chords. Unfortunately, this method tends to lead to early frustration. Reading notes is useful but limiting, especially for beginners. Chords are generally taught before the fingers are strong enough to play them. This cause even the most enthusiastic beginner to loose hope.

Student Kelly Johnson gives a video review.

When you work with me, we'll start off with songs that you can learn quickly and easily, and build on your skills in a sequence that makes sense and feels comfortable. We'll learn how to play guitar in a variety of styles that help build your confidence and skills. We'll work towards creating your very own guitar album, right from Day 1, so that you can feel great about the work your doing and your progress on the instrument.

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I came to Kale with a very limited understanding of guitar playing. However, within a few lessons I could approach the music with confidence, knowing that with his guidance, I would be able to work through the inherent difficulties of learning an instrument. I have been working with Kale for a little over a year at this point and with his knowledge of music and proper practicing techniques, I feel well equipped to take on new challenges with the guitar. These lessons help to make the learning process fun. There is no substitute to working with an instructor like Kale when it comes to helping you attain your guitar goals.
Andrew Allwine

In this course, you will learn all the basics of guitar, including how to:

  • strum chords in a variety of styles
  • play the blues
  • solo and improvise
  • fingerpicking
  • play hundreds of songs using a few simple chord progressions
  • interpret tabulature, chord chards, fake sheets, rhythm sheets, and standard notation
  • play along with familiar songs
  • use intelligent practice techniques

“ Your lessons got me started on something great and now I'm going to be attending Berklee College of Music this fall! I really appreciate you working with me and getting me started.

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Once you've aquired all these skills, you can say goodbye to the feelings of being lost and confused by the instrument. After you've created the final track on your guitar album, you'll understand multiple ways of playing the guitar, which will help you approach any musical situation with confidence.

Student James Somers gives a video review.

The highlight of my week... He was definitely able to help me get to the next step and systematically figure out what I need to do to become a better player... give his free lesson a go!
James Summers
After years of guitar lessons, I have found a teacher that will guide me to my fullest potential on the guitar. In my other lessons I always felt that there was no long-term plan for what I was going to learn. There was no system, just "Bring in a song you want to learn". The songs I wanted to learn were WAY too hard for a beginner to learn. I would struggle to learn the song; sometimes I would get it but more often I would not. Frustration would follow and the guitar would sit un-played for days.
Now, I know where we are headed. The songs that I learn are challenging but not so far over my head that I put down the guitar. The lessons build on the skill that you have learned. Kale makes you feel comfortable from the first lesson. He watches you play and then gives immediate feed back on how you can improve. It is all-positive. My playing has improved so much in three months it is incredible.
Matt Aigen

I'm not a fan of spending my money sight-unseen, so I like to offer new students a free, half-hour trial lesson. That way, you can make an informed decision about my abilities as a teacher, personality, and how well we can work together. To schedule your free trial lesson, click here.