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*All adventures include a free trial, fun included. Guaranteed or your money back. As an added bonus, you will learn how to play guitar, no questions asked.

You are now beginning the journey of a lifetime, the adventure to end-all-adventures, the quest-of-quests. You will impress friends and foes, men and women, royalty and commoner. You will learn to play guitar. If you are looking for lessons for your child, your child will do all these things. It is going to be awesome.

Here on this page we have a summary of all the types of lessons I provide. If you already know what you're looking for (and don't need to read a summary), the links below will hasten your progress:

Suzuki Guitar Lessons for Children

Children aren't little grown-ups. They think differently, they move differently, they learn differently. We're going to teach your child using the most natural methods First Principle: Every Child Can. possible; listening to music, having fun with other kids, and basically making the whole thing into one big ball o' learnin'-goodness. Your child is going to develop a bunch of skills and abilities; fine motor skills, physical strength, intellectual acuteness, artistic sensitivity, determination, awareness, goal setting, and a ton more. As a certified and trained Suzki Guitar Instructor, we'll use the tried-and-true Suzuki Method to give your child the best lessons possible, all while having a blast.

Kale clearly has a deep understanding of child psychology. He was able to get a very impulsive, easily distracted toddler to follow directions and have a great time doing it. He was kind, understanding, and very tolerant. I believe the benefits of his teaching can be infinite.
Dru H.
Student M.L. plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Look for the classy finish!

Ready for some child-awesomeness? Contact me and we'll get moving on it. Want to learn more about the Suzuki method? Read some more about how I teach kids to play guitar. Or you can check out some of my student's reviews.

Gateway to the Alhambra: Classical Guitar

You can forget the backing band; all you'll need to sound great is you, a guitar, and your 10 favorite fingers. Astounding solo guitar skills. 400 years of Guitar Excellence.Technical Prowess. Fingerpicking Mastery. All this and more will lay at your fingertips. We'll hit all the big classical genres- Spanish (for your inner-romantic), Baroque (for your inner-intelligentsia), Classical (for your inner-Rationalist), and Renaissance music (for your inner-Luddite). We'll use the most popular methods of the past 200 years to get you there. Hey, if heavy metal guitar gods like Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen used classical, who knows where you'll go?

He has an outstanding knowledge of the instrument, theory, and the genre, surpassed only by his knack for teaching it… I look forward to his lessons each week. He couldn't come with a higher recommendation!
Laura Pozniak
Student Charles Rareshide recorded both parts of a Carulli duet using my Zoom H4n multitrack recorder.

Want to dive in? Contact me and we'll get started. A little unsure? Read more about my approach to Classical Guitar Lessons. Or you can check out my student's reviews. These articles are also great.

Suzuki Early Childhood Music Classes

Looking for music classes to stimulate your child's brain and get those smart juices flowing early?Parent, Teacher, Child Look no further. My Suzuki ECE program begins with children as young as 3 months (look for prenatal classes in the future) and go straight through the toddler years. We'll be using the power of observation and imitation to build your child's musical skill set while simultaneously increasing their concentration, respect, and character. Along the way, you'll get a slew of action songs and lullabies you can use at home to bond with your child in the best way possible.

He was able to get a very impulsive, easily distracted toddler to follow directions and have a great time doing it. I believe the benefits of his teaching can be infinite.
Dru H.

Want to dive right into the regestration process (or have any questions): Visit the schedule and registration/contact page and we'll get the process started. A little unsure? Read more about what we'll do and check out some of my student's reviews.

Guitar Awakening: Beginner's Paradise

Just getting started? We're not going to waste time in any of those standard method books; we need something with a little more pizazz.Record your own album...Creating your own album-now there is an idea. From Day One we'll be working towards completing your début recording. Along the way, you'll learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable and confident in any musical situation. Your album will be chock-full-o' all styles and awesomeness you will learn. The pièce de résistance? A blues track where you play all the guitar parts; rhythm and lead! Don't think you can do it? Think again! Others have gone before you; you will follow them to guitar glory.

I never thought I could play... Kale is really, really great. He's a great musician, he's a great teacher... I've made a lot of progress from the beginning.
Kelly Johnson
Student Laura Poznaik plays the blues. You can, too!

Ready to make it happen? Contact me and we'll get the process started. A little unsure? Read more about what we'll do. Or preview my totally-rad Method Book (a work-in-progress) and check out some of my student's reviews.

Video Lessons

Looking for video lessons? I do 'em! (sorry, adult classical students only) If you're curious, head on over to Google Helpouts and check out my page there. If you can't find something that works for you, contact me and we'll try to find something that works.