Free. Not A Bad Price. Seriously.

Free Stuff

“Free? Not a bad price.” These words of wisdom were spoken to me many years ago by a guitar store employee in reference to my first (inherited) electric guitar. And here I present to you many things similarly priced. Hopefully you find the quality of these materials to be much higher than the quality of that freebie guitar.

I still have that guitar, actually…

Free Lesson!

What more could you ask for? Contact me and we'll set one up.

The Beginner's Guitar Method Book

Use this to learn to play guitar! It is how I get beginners from finger frustration to recording their own material. Check out the PDF (a work-in-progress) and let me know what you think. Note: This is a pretty big file, so it may take a minute!

The Blog

Read it and prosper. (but be warned- I haven't updated it to the new website look yet-some links may be broken!)

Articles to Make You Awesome

Read these articles. Understand how to become awesome.

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So many social media sites, so little time! I stick to the basics; Google Plus, Facebook and a (very very intermittent) newsletter.

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My privacy policy is simple; I'll only send you emails about guitar. No spam. And I won't sell your email. Ever. Seriously.

Blank Staff Paper, Tab Paper, and Chord Charts:

Chess Problem of The Day!

I like chess, so here's a free chess problem of the day, provided by the people over at Shredder Chess Engine!